Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Painting My Bike

Finished Result
Finished Mock-up



So here is my bike after the paint stripper and sanding. There is still a lot of paint remnants, but they are all smooth, and shouldn't cause any flaws in the new paint.

Leigh was kind enough to take a picture of me spraying some primer on the frame. I left my cranks on because I was too lazy to have the local bike shop do it, and too broke to buy the tool to do it myself. Same goes for the chain.

After a little while I had a pretty decent coat on the frame.


Today I decided to spray primer on the forks. I did a way better job here than I did on the frame. I was scared to put too much primer on the frame because I thought it would drip but I ended up putting too little.

There are still a few rough spots that you can see in this pic. I think a little wet sanding can fix that right up though.

Here you can tell that I under painted the frame just a little bit.
More updates tomorrow!


Today I put on a few more coats of primer and I think that it is starting to look really good. I took a picture of a same part of the frame as yesterday so that you can make a good comparison.

Here is a good shot of one of the harder spots to paint on the bike. This has been even harder due to my laziness with leaving the cranks on.

I have run out of primer, so the next thing I am going to do is wet sand the primer with some really fine grit paper. Once that is done and my glow in the dark paint shows up I will start spraying coats of that.


So I have completed the paint job and I am kinda stoked and kinda disappointed. I ordered 2 cans of glow paint thinking it would be enough for the whole bike, but each can was half the size of the primer and clear. So I ended up not being able to put on multiple coats of the glow paint and it looks really splotchy. However, in person its hard to tell that it is splotchy. I am stoked at the fact that it actually glows pretty well. My camera couldn't get any good pictures of the paint glowing, but I did get this awesome video of me "painting" my bike with light. Enjoy.


Since I was not too happy with the splotchy-ness of the first paint job I decided to try again. This time I am much more satisfied with the results.

I also sprayed a few smaller parts (seat post collar, bottle cage bolts, etc.) the same green color to match everything. I can't wait to get it all put together.


Finally, I have finished my bike! The paint really does look good and I am super excited about the results. Heres the pictures:
As an added bonus I got this bike over the weekend for just $40!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Duck Tape Prom Dresses and Tuxedos [PICS]

Duck brand duct tape puts on a contest every year for prom goers to strut their duct tape skills. It is truly incredible how much time these people have on their hands. Oh and the outfits are pretty incredible too.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How well is Ron Paul REALLY Doing in the Opinion Polls?

After browsing Digg anytime I have a free minute, I started to think that Ron Paul might really have a chance at becoming president. However, after I took a look at the Republican Party Opinion Poll results I started to lose faith extremely fast.

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