Friday, July 20, 2007

Alternative to Digg Picture Section

I have just signed up for a account and spent a little time learning the ropes, when I realized one way that digg could really improve as far as the way it handles pictures. The thing that inspired me was the way that uses tags, and I wanted to be able to use a uniform tag for all pictures on digg. It seems as though the people at digg do not want a picture section for one reason or another, so I opened up gimp to make a little example of what I think would be a cool way to handle pictures in digg. Sorry I have absolutely no skill at gimp or photoshop. Feel free to let me know what you think, and leave any suggestions in the comments section.

I thought purple was a good color for it, but really you could use any color, just mess with the Hue/saturation settings. I should state that the stories I have labeled with "PIC" are not actual picture stories, but ones I just labeled as a proof of concept.

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