Sunday, April 6, 2008

Code Caddy: Source Code Storage Utility

One day I was sitting around trying to think of a cool idea for a website. I started off thinking of what tasks are a hassle in my day to day computer use. I found that making my computer science projects available to all of the computers I use on a daily basis a real hassle. There was no real easy way to transfer my projects between my desktop, work computer, computer lab, and girlfriend's computer. I could have used a thumbdrive, but I am constantly losing them which makes this solution not a very good one. I have emailed myself projects before, but this clutters up my inbox, and there is no way to neatly organize all of my files. I never really cared if anyone else would use it as long as I found it useful.

I decided to call my website Code Caddy. Like a golf caddy carries golf clubs, Code Caddy carries your code for you wherever you go. Code Caddy does more than hold your source code. It also enables you to organize your projects, and preview your code with syntax highlighting.

Give Code Caddy a shot and tell me what you think.


HannaH said...

Hey Neil! Just sayin hey~ Are you a computer engineering major?

HannaH said...

That's cool! The map?- That's because I'm the design intern at Virginia Living magazine and in the last issue we had a featured story about Lausanne so I did the map. Yeah it's not like I went there or anything. Although, that would be awesome.

Matt said...

pretty cool... but why not just use subversion or mercurial or something?

btw, did you graduate last weekend? Congrats if so.